Friday, January 14, 2011

Let it be, techy tidbits, the one and only place whare you can take a whole new technology ride!

Hey Everyone!
Ok, so Techy Tidbits first started in June of 2010, and since then, it has evolved, and it is what it is today, because of you, the royal visitor.
I, Tyler Juranek, am so verry glad that we have been able to make many accomplishments over these few months, including, being able to get the podcast up into the itunes store, as well as our recent makeover.
I have many people to thank, for all there generous help and encouragement. One person that was a huge help to me, and continues to be, is of course,
The one and only Darrell Shandrow!
Darrell has helped me in many ways, many that I can't describe. He has been not only a great friend, and a great supporter of techy tidbits, but also, a great encouragement to me in school, and in my daily life.
Before I met Darrell, I had advocacy skills. But folks, after I met Darrell, my advocacy skills increased, because of all the things he has done, so that we, as blind people, may have equal access to the things that we now know and love, and that we call technology!
I would just like to publically thank Darrell. I have so many things to thank him for, so many, I can't list them all.
Finally, I would like to thank each and every one of you that reads this blog.
Now, now, enough!
I must tell you what you folks can do to help techy tidbits even more!
A popular site for the blind, known as
Blind Bargains
is accepting nominations for the fourth anual Blind Bargains access awards!
These nominations include the best blog of 2010, the best podcast of 2010, Etc, Etc.
I ask, that if possible, each and every one of you nominate Techy Tidbits!
To read contest guidelines, and to nominate Techy Tidbits,
Click Here!
Remember, all nominations are greatly appreciated, so let's show everyone that techy tidbits is the best place to find a truck to pick you up, and give you a whole new technology ride!

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