Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goal Ball! Here we Come!

Greetings all!
This is Tyler, writing to you from the iowa braille school!
I want to say that I am currently here for a Goal Ball tournament.
However, we leave for St. Louis in the morning.
So what in the world is Goal Ball?
It's no sighted sport, folks!
Infact, you are blindfolded the whole time!
You folks that thought that you could use your eyes to play, were so wrong!
Ok, so enough of my blabering!
Let's get to the main points!
First, this tournament is a double elimination tournament.
This means, that whatever the circumstances, we get to play two games!
Starting out, the boys will play Kansas.
Games consist of two 10 minute halves.
Here's an example of how theywill start a game.
"Kansas, are you ready?"
"Iowa, are you ready?"
So lets hope the boys from Iowa win, ok?
Alright, looks like I should close this out and get a snack!
Before I go, however, I'd just like to remind everyone to check out
The Iowa Braille school home page!
I'm assuming they will have some pictures posted there.
Ok, enough for tonight!
Have a great day!

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