Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Thoughts on the GW Micro and Hims split!

Hello readers!
If you haven't heard,
Hims, Inc.
decided to split the partnership between themselves, and
Gw Micro
As you might imagine, this was a small downfall for GW Micro, as they were the Hims distributer here in North America.
Hims has decided to open there own U.S office, and reform there sales stratigy.
In just a few weeks, GW Micro will end all technical support, sales, and all other repairs for all hims hardware products.
Here are my thoughts on the subject.
First, I don't think Hims understands what G W Micro has done to make the products what they are today, and technically, I think that this will hurt them in the long run.
Seccondly, look at all the knoledge base articles that GW Micro has written for the Hims products.
Will Hims make GW take them off the GW site?
Will GW leave them there? Nobody knows.
Next, look at all the great phone Technical support that GW provided for these products.
Will we receive this great service from Hims?
Will Hims decide to go back to GW Micro as the North American distributer?
It will be interesting to hear the answers to these questions, won't it?
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