Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Thoughts on the Sespentian of Bloglines

Greetings all!
If you haven't heard already, bloglines, an rss news reader made by google is being closed on November first, 2010.
This means that users of the bloglines rss reader will need to find an alternitive source for getting the latest news from blogs they follow.
In this post, I will lay my thoughts out, and talk about what I think of this idea.
First, I think that bloglines doesn't need to be closed.
I personally think that google is simply making a bad choice, and wants everyone to switch to google reader.
I think that they need to examine what they've said about the bloglines service, and rethink.
Although many people have found alternitives, not all have, and some, unfortunately will not.
If I were to write a letter to google regarding this matter, here's what it would say.
Dear Google and Bloglines developers,
I am blind, and am verry concerned of the fact bloglines, one of your most accessible rss news readers, is closing on November First, 2010.
This will leave an increasing number of us stranded in the middle of nowhere, trying to find another rss news reader that is accessible.
Although many blind people who have i phones, and macs have found an alternitive, many of us on windows are still struggling to find another rss news reader.
And, your google reader program, is not accessible to
us blind folks using Window-Eyes or Jaws.
I highly suggest you folks rethink your decision, and keep bloglines open for at least another year, if not 2, 3, or 4.
Thank you for your concideration in this matter.
Tyler W. Juranek
I can come to a conclusion that even though google has made an important business decision, that's not ment to harm or upset the blind community, they seriously need to think about what they are doing, and they need to put a blindfold on and see how it feels!
I encourage each and every one of you that reads this post to leave comments about this matter.
You can simply leave comments on this post, by calling the comment line at 206-337-4505, or by emailing me at tylerpolkaman@gmail.com
Thank you for reading.

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