Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some Resources for Cell Phone Accessibility

I've had a request for some tips on cell phone accessibility, and so decided to write a small article.

What is cell phone accessibility?

Cell phone accessibility is a big bolder that is impossible to break, and it causes a major problem in the blind community.
This is because certain phone manufacturers decide to make some phones accessible, but not all, or they sometimes makesome parts of the phone accessible, but not all.
This is how many people get confused.

So how do we clear up the confusion of accessibility?

First, we need to use the resources that us blind people produce.
These include other blogs, the twitter social network, facebook, email lists, and so on.
Seccondly, we need to read these resources carefully.
This is important when deciding on what phone to get, when you go to the store.

So how do I know what phone to get?

As I stated previously, we need to use other resources on the net, from other blind users.
As there may not be as many blind resources out there, we need to combine things we read in news papers, and other sources.
This means that you simply take what you want, and leave the rest.
As blind people, we have to pick and choose, and live and learn.

Other Cell Phone Resources

The following is a list of resources that might help on deciding what cell phone might fit your needs.
Note that these resources are provided as use at your own wrisk.
They are not, in any way, associated with Techy Tidbits.
Chase Crispin has a good article about the htc ozone with talks on
his blog
Access Watch
has some resources on accessible cell phones.
Accessible World
has a good presentation on the samsung haven.


My thanks to Cassie McAlister for the request for an article on cell phone accessibility that I'm sure will be enjoyed by many.
Note. If you are listening to this post with the built in text to speech, please exit the audible post and use the links provided.

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